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When I run ECG Simulator I get a flashing screen and a message saying that the evaluation period is expired, but this is the first time I have run the program.

ECG Simulator requires Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later to run properly. Click here to download and install the latest release of Adobe Flash Player.

I get an error message when running the setup.exe saying that a file could not be downloaded.

Setup.exe downloads additional files from our server as part of the installation process. You may need to temporarily disable your firewall to allow setup to access the files it needs from the Internet. After setup is complete, you will need to add an exception to your firewall to allow ECG Simulator to check for updates from our server.

I get the following error message when trying to run the program: "Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor."

Please follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

  • Determine which version of Windows you are running.If you don’t know, please follow the steps at this site
  • Open Windows Explorer from the Start Menu or by pressing [Windows Logo]+E.You will need to browse to the folder listed below (replacing[Your User Name] with the user name that you use to login to your computer). The “AppData” folder may be hidden on your computer.If so, you will need to either enable showing hidden folders or type the name directly in the address bar across the top of Windows Explorer.

    Windows Vista and later (including Windows 7, 8, and 10)
    C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Apps\

    Windows XP
    C:\Documents & Settings\[Your User Name]\LocalSettings\Apps\
  • Next, you will need to delete the folder named “2.0”. You can do this by selecting the folder(single-click) and pressing the “Delete” key on your keyboard.
  • Finally, you will need to re-install ECG Simulator following the steps listed at the bottom of the download page.

Installation & Activation

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use ECG Simulator?

No. After installing and activating ECG Simulator, no Internet connection is required to use the software.

However, we do recommend running the software at least occasionaly while connected to the internet so that you may receive any updates or enhancements to the product.

Can I get ECG Simulator on a CD-ROM or other physical media?

Currently, we only distribute ECG Simulator through our website.

Can I install ECG Simulator on more than one computer?

When you purchase a license for ECG Simulator, you specify the number of computers that you wish to license. You will then receive a singe license key that will be valid for that number of computers. ECG Simulator will not successfully activate on more computers than you have purchased licenses for.

Can I activate ECG Simulator on a new computer if I replace an old computer that previously had a licensed copy of ECG Simulator?

If you have replaced an older computer and removed the licensed copy of ECG Simulator on that computer, please call our office for assistance in activating your software on the new computer.

Can I install ECG Simulator on a Macintosh computer?

Currently ECG Simulator is only designed for Windows PCs. We hope to have a version available for Macintosh in the future.

When I start ECG Simulator I get a prompt that I need to activate the software. Didn't I already do this?

Occasionaly, changes to your computer configuration caused by connecting or removing any devices, or upgrading hardware may trigger a request to re-activate the software. Just follow the promptings and enter the same license key as when you first activated the software and you should be able to proceed as normal.

Rarely, if the configuration change is significant enough, the software may incorrectly assume that you are trying to install the software on a separate, unlicensed computer. If this happens, just contact support at or call us at 877-676-5638 and we will assist you with reactivating your software. Please be sure to reference your original license key when you contact us.

Can I activate or reactivate my copy of ECG Simulator without an Internet connection?

Yes. When prompted to activate your software over the Internet, choose "No" to indicate that you will be activating manually instead. Follow the onscreen instructions to activate your software.

This process requires that you have access to the Internet on another device so that you can visit the activation website. If you do not have another device, such as a cell phone or another computer with Internet access available, you may call our office during regular business hours and we will assist you in activating your software.

Features & Functionality

Which rhythms and arrhythmias can ECG Simulator display?

ECG Simulator can diplay 33 of the most common rhythms and arrhythmias in a variety of heart rates and with various ectopic activity. A complete list of rhythms can be found by clicking here.

How can I control ECG Simulator using only the keyboard?

Only the Professional Edition of ECG Simulator can be controlled from the keyboard. For a list of keyboard shortcuts, click here.

Can I hide which rhythm I am selecting from my audience?

Yes. First, you will need to hide the rhythm details by pressing the button on the lower left of the rhythm display titled "hide rhythm information". You can also accomplish this by pressing the "T" key on your keyboard. To hide everything but the rhythm strip press the "H" key instead. To select a rhythm without using the drop down menus, you will need to use the keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are only available in the Professional Version of the product. Click here for a list of keyboard shortcuts available.

What is the difference between the Personal and Professional Editions of ECG Simulator?

The Personal Edition is designed to help an individual learn and review ECG recognition and interpretation. It is only licensed for private home use. The Professional Edition is designed for instructors and educational institutions. It includes features designed to help facilitate classroom presentations, such as keyboard controls and slide-show integration. The Professional Edition is the only version licensed for public/classroom useage. For more details on these features, please see our ECGSimulator.Net Version Comparison Matrix.