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Professional Edition
Personal Edition
Display 33 of the most common cardiac rhythms and arrhythmias Learn More
Increase and decrease heart rate, conduction ratio and amplitude Learn More
Introduce ectopic activity to most rhythms (PAC,PJC,PVC) Learn More
Transition seamlessly from one rhythm to the next
View rhythms with or without a standard six-second strip
Pause rhythm playback to study the rhythm more closely
Measure heart rate, time and voltage using our on-screen ECG ruler
Quiz yourself with one of 297 randomly selected rhythm or arrhythmia variations
Licensed for classroom/public setting*
*Personal Edition includes prominent "Not for classroom use" notice
Control ECGSimulator.Net from the keyboard Learn More
Lock ECGSimulator.Net in-place within a slide-show or any other program on your computer screen
Professional Edition
Personal Edition
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